What you can see in the galleries is called "flames" - pictures taken from mathematical space, with a computer and an Open Source program called Apophysis being the camera. Flames have been around for a while - they were created by Scott Draves (aka Spot) in the early 90s. Since then, many artists have created flames and posted them online, and the Electric Sheep screensaver generates many more that are evolving by user interaction. A PDF document with some math background is available on If you want to start creating your own pictures, I recommend the excellent tutorials by Tara Roys. The clips and pictures that you can see here were created with Apophysis, a Free and Open Source Software currently maintained by Peter Sdobnov. On Apophysis Revealed you can find lots of helpful information about creating stereoscopic flames. The Apophysis User Group has compiled a wealth of additional resources, and their members are maintaining beautiful galleries. Many Thanks to all of you!
Depending on the feedback to these clips I'll consider making a stereo movie. If you want to provide feedback, feel free to use the Contact form.
- Patrick Amaru